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Thoughts on Love

tied with a ribbon

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Snip, snip go the scissors around the faint pencil outline. The metal edges sever the lines on the red card stock, carefully and thoughtfully going round and round then finishing at the point. She takes this symbol of love and embellishes it with ribbon, glitter and sweet sentiments.

He places his ear close to the frets as he slowly strums the sweet refrain. With each chord, he tries to capture the depths of his heart to share with the one he loves. It's a tender, simple melody meant for their ears only.

We try to define her with words, cards, flowers and boxes of chocolate. We try to neatly contain her on paper or in song, wrapping her up in a decorated package with a beautiful satin bow.

She looks pleasant and dainty and smells like new born babies.

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She also bleeds to the edges of our crisp valentines on her knees with tears spilled over a child who has yet to fully comprehend his full worth. She breaks open, bone upon bone, tearing flesh to release the cry of new life into the world. With full intention, she removes her cloak to give to the man shivering in the alley and chooses to forgive, yet again, those untrue words delivered by a friend.

He takes his well worn blanket and covers the shame of his sister, all while taking her hand and covering her with glitter, making her sparkle. He steps in front of the knife of accusations hurled at his brother and lets it sink deep into his own chest, piercing his heart. Adorned with a crown of thorns, he bends his head to receive another blow, from a friend.

Shrouded in the forest of neglect, hate, rejection and lies, she gathers her strength, with face pointed to the light and chooses to turn the other cheek. She rises from the ashes with honey on her tongue for her enemy and strength in her chest to sing truth that erases the tall, looming branches that shroud her.

He rushes into the fire with water that soothes and heals the wounds inflicted by others in his name. He gathers those who are wandering, listlessly and calls them by name, his name and shows them his palm with their name tattooed right there, never to be removed.

She is powerful, a weapon that brings the toughest to their knees.

He is kind, laying his body right across that track to take the impact of the train hurling towards me.

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