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I think of them.

Every night, as my head hits the pillow, I go through each and every one of them.

I think about what I know to be true and what my mama instincts tell me.

I gather my bits and pieces in a bundle and I carry them to his feet.

I lay them gently down, sometimes pleading as I present each one and other times I just release them into His hands.

I pray for each and every one of them. I ask my Maker, their Maker to continue to mold them into His original dream.

Whatever it takes. He dreamed them up. He fashioned them, stitch by stitch.

He took into account the choices they'd make on their own without consulting him. He made provision for the wrong turns they'd make while striving to do it their own way.

As the master creator, he was wise enough and had enough hours under his belt to anticipate the Imperfections they'd cause to their fiber with discolorations and alterations.

He continued to weave behind and sometimes ahead, to take those damages, those stains and work them into the fabric of his design, often highlighting the very thing that seemed worthless.

I can see him, sitting in a chair, hunched over his well worn, wooden workbench. There's a bent arm light hovering above his grey crown while he intently, masterfully stitches, inch by inch, with thread, piecing together what he knows will be beautiful, in its time.

I see the gold thread; that thin piece of gold thread that holds the fabric together.

It's stronger than it seems.

It catches his eye.

Romans 8:34, Romans 8:26-27, Ps. 17:8, Genesis 1:31, Ecc. 3:11

I'm participating in The Breath and the Clay's New Year's creative prompt. Each day they post on Instagram the creative prompt of the day. Day 1: What do you imagine God thinks of you? How do you perceive His thoughts towards you? Do these beliefs align with what has been revealed of His nature in scripture? The above post is my response.

To join in, follow @thebreathandtheclay on Instagram.

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